What is Sprung Sprint?

Sprung Sprint is a creativity fueled 24hr film competition that starts at 3pm on the 13th of September and wraps up at 3pm on the 14th of September.

Sprung Sprint gets participants to become teams of 3-6 and challenges them to write, film, edit and submit their projects in a 24hr window.

There is an awards ceremony on the Saturday night with prizes for best film and a few other surprise categories!

Check out our FAQ to get a better feel for the competition!

Make sure to come down and watch the results at the Launch Party!

Q: Can I use my mobile phone to make the film?


A: Yes, Sprung Sprint wants everyone to have the opportunity to explore all creative areas through film and we understand it is expensive to use technical film equipment, plus you are being marked on your creative approach to the signature phrase and item so there's no need for flashy equipment. Go nuts!


Q: Can I use music in my film?


A: Yes, however it must meet creative commons and copyright regulations. Check out a handy guide online that can explain further what those regulations are: http://www.filminrevolt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/mra-music-copyright-guide.pdf

Q: Can all members in my group have an acting role in the film?


A: Yes! So long there is no more than 6 members in your team, all members can have an acting role as you can use a tripod or other equipment to help you out.


Q: Does my film have to use the signature phrase AND the signature item?


A: Yes, it is required to use both elements in your film otherwise you can lose marks and/or be disqualified.

Q: Can I participate in the film if I am under 18 years of age but 16 or older?

A: Definitely! All you need to do is fill out a Parental Permission Slip and submit it into the form when you register your team. Due to the demanding nature of Sprung Sprint we are not able to engage students under the age of 16 into the teams.

Now that you understand what Sprung Sprint is gather your teams and sign up!!

Follow the registration link below and make sure you have the right documents with you.

The group fee link will be sent to your designated email shortly after registration with a small welcome pack. 


We can't wait to see what you'll capture! 

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Your film must be made specifically for Sprung Sprint.

  2. Creation of your film must begin from 3pm Friday 13th September.

  3. Films must be uploaded to Youtube and a link sent to                     sprungfestivalmarketing@gmail.com by 3pm Saturday 14th September.

  4. Groups must contain 3 - 6 members only.

  5. Films must be 3 - 5 minutes long.

  6. All films must contain the signature phrase/item.

  7. All group members must be 16 and over.